Volunteer Meeting

Hello everyone!

Our first meeting will be Monday, February 24, 2014 at 6:30pm. We’ll be meeting at the University of Lethbridge, in Galileo’s in the Student Union food court. Galileo’s is located at the far end of the food court next to the SU Service Centre. Someone will be posted outside the door of Galileo’s to direct. Should the room already be occupied, we’ll be in the food court next to the windows.

This meeting is for all volunteers and maids. We will be going over the basics of what we expect, what positions we need filled, Q&A, and we’ll be asking from some feedback.

Maids will have some additional info provided once we are finished with the general volunteer info.

Be prepared to fill a form (if you haven’t done so already) asking for basic personal info, contact info, and which job(s) you’d like.

If you are unable to attended this meeting, there will be another orientation meeting in 2 weeks.

Nishikaze 2014 Charity – The Last Chance Cat Ranch

This year, Nishikaze has partnered with a local charity, The Last Chance Cat Ranch, to host special event fundraisers at Nishikaze. We will have more announcements about these events as we get closer to our convention.

About The Last Chance Cat Ranch
A not-for-profit cat rescue that is a no-kill organization. Originally founded in Coaldale in 2003, LCCR now operated in Lethbridge, Alberta. LCCR was officially incorporated as a Registered Society in Alberta on January 9, 2006 and was approved for CRA charity status in December 2013.

Mission: To save stray cats and kittens from an untimely death. To provide necessary veterinary care to abandoned cats. To find forever homes for abandoned and stray cats. To provide Trap-Neuter-Release for shy cats when financially able.

Marketplace Applications – Return to sender??

While we have been receiving some applications to the mailing address listed on the form, not all have been getting through. I don’t know why this is because my regular (non-Nishikaze) mail has been coming as well. If you would like an alternative mailing address, send a message to our sales[at]nishikaze.ca account.

We are awaiting approval of our updated Marketplace layout. Any applications received from Jan 25, 2015 to when the updated information is released will be held in queue. We will contact everyone in order that the application was received so that they may choose from the updated layout.

Thank you for your patience!

Days till Nishikaze


Nishikaze 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014
University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta

Admission (includes guidebook):
General (13+): $10
Youth (6-12): $5
Child (0-5): Free (with General Admission)

Supported Charity for 2014



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