Nishikaze is pleased to announce the first guest for 2017!

A cosplayer since 2014 and a lover of Japanese language and culture since they were young, in this short time, Azuma has built a reputation of crossplaying and making fine props. They have won various awards from local communities at Otafest and Animethon; including Craftsmanship Prop-Maker, Mr./Miss Otafest, Crossplay Pageant, and Fashion Show awards.

Azuma also believes in giving back to their community by volunteering as staff in their local convention, judging cosplay contests, and providing informative panels to help other community members with their craft. You can also find them promoting their #humancosplayers project and modeling to promote cosplay and lolita fashion at various off-convention events.

Please support their work by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages
FB: Azuma雷
IG: @azuma.cosplay

Photos by Kei Cheung Photography

Autographs are included with the purchase of a 8″ x 10″ print for $10