maid-menu-stefieHello friends! OH MY GOSH! only 5 days left!

I’m here to finally announce the ever-exciting Café Ayako! This year, our theme is Idols, so we’ve taken on the costumes of μ’s (pronounced Muse) from Love Live! School Idol Project!

We are ready to announce our menu this year: Each table will be serving either Chocolate or Vanilla cake (your choice!), as well as individual drinks! Your table will be determined by your ticket colour, so choose wisely.

If you choose the Sunset Trio, you will receive a PINK LEMONADE drink! (Red, Pink, or Orange ticket!)

If you choose the Dawn Trio, you will receive a BLUE RASPBERRY drink! (Yellow, Light Blue, or Green ticket!)

If you choose the Midnight Trio, you will receive a FRUIT PUNCH drink! (Deep Purple, Light Purple or Dark Blue ticket!)

We have a full hour of non-stop dancing, games, pins, surprises, and all around fun this year to bring you the best Maid Café experience you’ve ever had! Just $6 at the registration desk.