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Earlier this fall we held a logo contest for Nishikaze. We were looking for a distinct logo that will represent our event to the world at large. We want to illustrate how anime and Japanese culture exist within Lethbridge.
The winning logo will be used on a variety of promotional material and our official event merchandise.

The winner receives admission to Nishikaze 2015 and $50 cash. The runner up receives admission to Nishikaze 2015 and $20 cash.

The winning entry by Anonymous:

Design Logic: The design is based off of the kanji nishi 西, closing its corners and making it a half circle. The two stems represent Lethbridge, and it’s train tracks. The top represents the wind. The inside of the kanji represent Japan (symbolized by our AYAKO red) and the horizon of Alberta.

The runner Up by Raelyn Cahoon: