Do you love cosplay? Think you have what it takes to be the next IRON COSPLAY champion? You will be pitted against the highest degree of duct tape and paper plate masters (ie. your fellow congoers,) in this contest of skill, resourcefulness, creativity, and FUN! All Judging will be by our cosplay guests Azuma Cosplay and Hyoken Seisou Cosplay, and sign up is limited to 18 participants.

What is Iron Cosplay, you ask? Iron Cosplay is a mini cosplay contest where participants make an entire cosplay costume in all of 15 minutes! Instead of fabric, teams will be given a bunch of random household materials to tape, tie and tangle pre-determined character’s costumes together! In Nishikaze’s Iron Cosplay, we will be pitting three groups of three together for two rounds of chaotic costume design.

If you’re a participant, get ready to quickly throw together a costume with the materials we give you! Choose a teammate to be the mannequin and get designing! You can yell, toss, tape, and tumble while making these costumes but don’t run with scissors! After the 15 minutes, we’ll grab your picture and run the next round. The judging will end off the hour, so be sure to stay to find out the results!

If you plan on coming as an audience member, your job is to help the teams on stage with ideas if they get stuck! If a team needs tips, be sure to let them know by giving them a helping shout! And of course, be sure to hype up and cheer for your favourite costumers, but be sure you stay until the very end; the top teams receive prizes for their hard and frantic work!