Pin Trading is a great way to add to your Nishikaze experience! Our pins are beautifully designed by local artists and most often feature our mascot, Ayako. By trading pins with Nishikaze staff and patrons, you can collect the designs that you love the most!

Most of our designs are available at our merchandise desk but some are only available if you trade with Nishikaze staff! By trading a pin that you purchased, you’ll be able to get one of our staff designs. These special designs can be found throughout the convention however some are only available at certain events and times. These limited quantity pins are harder to find but will make your collecting experience more enjoyable and rewarding if you find them!

Pin Trading began at Otafest 2013 and spread to Animethon in 2014. Any pin purchased at Otafest or Animethon can be traded for a Nishikaze pin. Our full list of pins that are currently released are available at the bottom of this page.

Released Pins

Pins 2017
Pins 2016
Otafest Joint Pin - Seph & Ayako YukataDesign: Cindy Chen Miko AyakoDesign: Amy Zhang 2016miko-hosekiDesign: Amy Zhang 2016arky-ayakoDesign: Sam Taylor 2016arky-hosekiDesign: Sam Taylor 2016taikoDesign: Amy Zhang
2016fanDesign: Clare Ng Ayako TrumpetDesign: Stefie Simms Hoseki CelloDesign: Stefie Simms Otafest Aurora Joint - Aurora & HosekiDesign: Stefie Simms
Pins 2015
2015coronationDesign: Christina Windley 2015schoolgirlDesign: Christina Windley 2015idolDesign: Clare Ng 2015kimonoDesign: Stefie Simms 2015sunkissDesign: Stefie Simms 2015maidDesign: Stefie Simms