Programming… the heart of many an anime convention! Nishikaze strives to bring some of the best new and “classic” anime to its attendees. We also try to bring other entertainment events such as Karaoke, Anime Music Videos (AMVs), Improv and Panels to spice things up.

Anime Screenings

Every year, Nishikaze strives to bring it’s attendees some of the best “classic” and new anime available. One of the major challenges we face, along with every anime event in Alberta, is the fact that all screenings have to be rated by the Alberta Film Board prior to the event itself.


Panels are organised by our guests and attendees. A panel can cover many subjects : discussions on a particular series, demonstrations, or just sharing knowledge. If you want to contribute, this is a great opportunity to do so. If you have other ideas, let us know! You would like to host a panel, workshop or other? To submit your panel, check under our Registration information for the online application form.

Main Events

Events are those items of programming that fall outside of the standard anime screenings but have become an essential part of the fandom, so much so that many attendees come simply for these events alone! Nishikaze is proud to present several special events each year!