So Nishikaze 2014 has ended and as the Exec take a much needed break, we hope that you will post any comments & suggestions to help us improve for Nishikaze 2015!

We ran our first charity events in 2014 for the Last Chance Cat Ranch and thanks to everyone that participated we were able to donate $1565 to LCCR on July 1, 2014. You can see the photos posted earlier this week.

We like to take this time to thank all the volunteers who came and helped out! Many of you worked all day for us, some in multiple positions during that time. A couple of you even went on dish duty in Maid Café Ayako!

Volunteers, both on the staff and those who run panels, is the driving force behind Nishikaze. If anyone wants to help in 2015, whether it is running a panel or helping the con, please keep an eye out for information.

Be sure to check our Facebook page, website (, twitter (nishikaze_ca), deviantArt (nishikazeCA) etc for details on Nishikaze 2015!

We have created a survey for all the attendees of Nishikaze 2014. Please fill it in asap.