Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama! We would like to invite you to Nishikaze’s Café Ayako. Sit back and relax as our charming staff takes care of you. Enjoy a variety of snacks and games. Feel free to converse with your maid and other guests! We’ll be sure that you’ll have a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing all of our lovely Goshujin-sama and Ojousama!

Maid cafés (メイドカフェ Meido kafe) are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan. In these cafés, waitresses dressed in maid costumes and treat customers as masters (and mistresses) in a private home, rather than as café patrons. The first permanent maid café, Cure Maid Café, was established in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan in March 2001, but maid cafés are becoming increasingly popular.

VIP Only Tea Party

That’s right! On Friday, May 19, 2017, there will be a special VIP Only Tea Party. You’ll be able to see this year’s outfits before anyone else. They’ve also rehearsed a dance just for the VIPs. Enjoy some snacks while you to get to know the maids better then at our regular café.

Regular Café Ayako

Tickets : Limited Space! 48 Tickets per session
Time Slots : 11:00 AM — 1:00 PM — 5:00 PM

Where to Buy Tickets

You will be able to pre-purchase your Café Ayako tickets online with your admission to Nishikaze. We will also have in-person pre-registration prior to Nishikaze.

On the day of Nishikaze, you will be able to get tickets at the Registration desk, should any be available. Please do not try to buy tickets at the Café itself.

Photo Booth

Proceeds from the photo booth will be donated to this year’s charity.

Guest Rules

  • To attend the Café you must have a Nishikaze badge or wristband.
  • A guest cannot touch the Café staff.
  • A guest cannot ask for the phone number, email, Facebook, etc. of the Café staff.
  • No loitering outside the café or stalking Café staff.
  • No video footage within the café.
  • Do not infringe on a Café staffer’s privacy by asking when they get off.
  • No harming the Café staff, guests, or neighbors of the café.
  • No taking photos of the Café staff.
  • Do not bring outside food or drink into the café.
  • No smoking inside or the exterior of the café.
  • Café Ayako Maids

    Name: Charlie
    Colour: Green
    Style: Sweet Lolita
    Fav Food: Bread
    Fav Thing: Music
    If I were any animal, I would be: maybe a hummingbird?
    Quote: “one day, silence will lose its power. ” ~~unknown
    Name: Tjana
    Colour: Purple
    Style: Gothic Lolita
    Fav Food: Watermelon
    Fav Thing: k-pop
    If I were any animal, I would be: a Pandaaa
    Quote: “inspire who you want to be, not what other would like you to be” ~a cosplayer with a dream.
    Name: Breeze
    Colour: Turquoise
    Style: Gothic Lolita
    Fav Food: Alfredo Pasta
    Fav Thing: Video games
    If I were any animal, I would be: a wolf
    Quote: “May your heart be your guiding key.” The Master of Masters
    Name: Jasmine
    Colour: Navy Blue
    Style: Classic Lolita
    Fav Food: Chicken Salad
    Fav Thing: Sleep
    If I were any animal, I would be: a feline
    Quote: “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso
    Name: Katie
    Colour: Coral
    Style: Sweet Lolita
    Fav Food: Chocolate Cheesecake
    Fav Thing: Drawing
    If I were any animal, I would be: a Bunny
    Quote: “And remember that bad times… are just times that are bad.” – Katrina from Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    Name: Lauralee
    Colour: Black
    Style: Gothic Lolita
    Fav Food: Vegan Tacos
    Fav Thing: Bubble Baths
    If I were any animal, I would be: A deer!
    Quote: “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” -Paul McCartney
    Name: Taylor
    Colour: Brown
    Style: Classic Lolita
    Fav Food: Snickerdoodle cookies
    Fav Thing: Science!
    If I were any animal, I would be: a bird
    Quote: “Don’t get discouraged. Collect your thoughts and try again.” – Professor Hershel Layton
    Name: Michaela
    Colour: Pink
    Style: Sweet Lolita
    Fav Food: Chocolate
    Fav Thing: Sewing
    If I were any animal, I would be: A Swan
    Quote: “No matter how much, or how often people hurt each other, loving someone is never a waste” – Nana Osaki