2015magicThe U of L Geek Club [LINK] is looking to expand its borders this year, and is hosting a tournament with the popular card game, Magic the Gathering, at Nishikaze. We’ll also be talking about how anime, manga, and other forms of media borrow aspects from the Geek culture, and vice versa.

Price will be an entry fee of $6, with everyone getting a guaranteed booster pack (and lands maybe), and a new booster for every win, each booster will be from a different set.

You’ll start the tourney with a booster, and make a deck from it that is minimum 30 cards. You can then upgrade it with the new booster packs that you receive when you win! There is a maximum of 32 entries, so enter as soon as you can to get a spot!


  • Single Elimination with best 2 out of 3 for championship
  • 40 card deck minimum from round 2 onwards
  • 30 minute round limit

There will be onsite registration for the tournament until 12:00pm or at the GEEK Club’s discretion