Welcome to 2015’s Nishikaze Pokémon League! We are a group of students at the University of Lethbridge who have a lot of experience with Pokémon Strategy and we want to give you all a challenge.

There will be a sign-up occurring in Markin Hall Atrium where trainers will receive a trainer card with a star ranking system of gym leader difficulty and rules for teams will be given. Gym leaders can be completed in any order to avoid line-ups as best as possible. Gym leaders will also have a marking by them so trainers know they are a leader or Elite Four, as well as their difficulty level.

Tournament Rules

  • No legendaries, however, for every loss to one gym leader, a trainer may use a legendary Pokémon for their next battle against that leader. After two losses, the trainer can face a premade “easier” team.
  • Mega Pokémon are allowed, as long as they are from X/Y. No Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire megas are usable due to compatibility issues with those playing X/Y
  • Species clause – Only one Pokémon with the same name on a team at one time
  • Sleep clause – If you have already put a Pokémon on your opponent’s side to sleep you cannot put another one to sleep
  • Item clause – Teams may have 2 Pokémon hold an item with the same name on a team at one time
  • Moody clause – No Pokémon are allowed with the ability “moody”
  • Gym leaders will be Monotype, with optional 1 slot off theme for Elite Four to use a Pokémon not themed with their type. The Champion is allowed a team of any kind of Pokémon they wish to use, staying within the rules as stated above however.


After a trainer has gained 4 Gym Leader “badges” and 4 Elite Four “tokens”, they may challenge our Champion, and upon a successful victory, will receive a secret prize!

The League Members

Praise HelixMatt, with Rock
psyKyle, with Psychic
darkRyan, with Dark
waterGabriel, with Water
ghostZack, with Ghost
groundVito, with Ground
fairyAlex, with Fairy
grassBrendan, with Grass