The majority of panels are hosted by volunteers and attendees; we feel this is a great opportunity for patrons to get involved with Nishikaze in a very important way. Every otaku loves anime, manga, video games, or simply just loves Japan for different reasons. Taking this passion and turning it into a demonstrative, informative or competitive panel idea is something that Nishikaze embraces and welcomes from our patrons.

Guest Panels

Buying Cosplay [G]
Azuma Cosplay
Want to cosplay but don’t know where to purchase a good quality cosplay? We will cover: buying cosplays, Taobao, competing with a purchased cosplay.

Cosplay: The Next Level [G]
Hyoken Seisou
Been wanting to step up your cosplay game? Learn how adding the littlest bit of detail can really make the difference. Learn tips and tricks from award winning cosplayer Hyoken Seisou to bring your cosplay to the next level.

Life & Times of Brendan Hunter [G]
Brendan Hunter
Come ask everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the shows, the characters, the work, with the man who lives it.

So You Wanna Be A Voice Actor? [G]
Brendan Hunter
Brendan Hunter, the Alberta-based voice of thousands of episodes of anime, video games, cartoons and commercials, is back! The always enlightening look into the industry of professional voice acting in Alberta, and how YOU can start or further your involvement in it as a performer YOURSELF.


A Guide to Anime Analysis [G]
Tyler M.
Are you interested in becoming a critic, or perhaps just impressing your friends? In this panel we will be going over the various ways in which we can evaluate a piece of animated work.

Game Session [PG]
Colton A. & Christian H.
We’re going to be playing Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and possibly some games for the Xbox one.

Café Ayako Meet & Greet [G]
The maids have a lot of fun mingling with our guests, but we want to make sure it’s equally as fun for you! Come to our panel to give feedback and ask questions!

KPOP Music Video Improv! [G]
Megan S. & Dustin D.
Love KPOP? Love 90s/00s music? Come visit our panel to enjoy the best of both worlds combined into one!

Let’s Draw Manga/Anime! [G]
Alice J.
Sharing, and trading tips on drawing basics of manga/anime. All skill level welcome. Come relax and draw with us!

Nishikaze Feedback [G]
Please come by and give us your thoughts to help us improve! Tell us what you liked, what we need to improve on, and what you want to see! If you can’t attend, we will also have a suggestion box at the information desk.

Nyaa Figurines! Collecting 101 [G]
Dinara O.
Learn the basics to collecting figures. Nyaa Figurines! will give you tips on where to buy your figures, what types of figures are out there, and how to tell if a figure is bootleg or not!

Pokemon 101 [G]
Brendon L. & Kyle M.
Love Pokémon? Grab your cards, your Sun and Moon games, and come learn about the Pokemon Trading Card and Video Game Community with our Local Professors and Judges! Learn some tips and tricks for your decks/teams, and have some battles with some new friendly faces!

Retro Game Collecting 101 [G]
Justin K.
An open discussion about collecting retro video games, finding the cheapest prices while staying away from scammers, and getting the best picture out of your old systems.

What are they selling?! [PG]
Michelle C. & Daxton L.
Are you ready to put your commercial knowledge to the test? Well you’re in luck: in this game show panel you will have the chance to view unique Japanese commercials and compete to say what exactly it is that they are selling for prizes. Even if you don’t get to compete the Japanese commercials are really entertaining, so come on down and have some fun!