Voice Actor : Brendan Hunter

Dragonball, Dragonball GT, Cardfight! Vanguard, LBX, and others like Hunter x Hunter, etc. Video games include the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and others like Mega Man: Powered Up, Order & Chaos and LBX for Nintendo. Since 2003 he’s been voicing the battle between good and evil in many forms, sometimes even rooting for evil. Currently appearing on Ladies vs. Butlers, LBX, Futurecard Buddyfight, and Cardfight! Vanguard and on TV, Film, Radio and online pieces the world over.

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Cosplay Guest : Azuma

A cosplayer since 2014 and a lover of Japanese language and culture since they were young, in this short time, Azuma has built a reputation of crossplaying and making fine props. They have won various awards from local communities at Otafest and Animethon; including Craftsmanship Prop-Maker, Mr./Miss Otafest, Crossplay Pageant, and Fashion Show awards.

Azuma also believes in giving back to their community by volunteering as staff in their local convention, judging cosplay contests, and providing informative panels to help other community members with their craft. You can also find them promoting their #humancosplayers project and modeling to promote cosplay and lolita fashion at various off-convention events.

Please support their work by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages
FB: Azuma雷
IG: @azuma.cosplay

Photos by Kei Cheung Photography

Autographs are included with the purchase of a 8″ x 10″ print for $10

Cosplay Guest : Hyoken Seisou

Hyoken Seisou’s, Hyo for short, real name is Izy Cheung. She got the name ‘Hyoken Seisou’ from the name of an attack of her favourite character from one of the first anime’s she watched, Samurai Deeper Kyo.
She’s a multi-award winning Canadian costume maker and artist from Calgary, AB. Her favourite costumes she’s made to date are Hexadecimal, Stitch, and Tigress. Aside from that, she also enjoys playing various competitive sports and video games, riding her motorcycle, and taking care of her many many exotic pets.

Facebook Hyoken Seisou Cosplay & Art
Photos by Alex Nash, Britany Quinn Photography

Performers : Hibikiya

HIBIKIYA is a dynamic,high energy group known for their unique choreography and exciting music. Currently supported by the Southern Alberta Taiko Society, HIBIKIYA has the cultural approval of The Japanese Consulate – General of Japan in Calgary for their dedication to the active promotion and education of Taiko, the traditional Art of Japanese drumming. HIBIKIYA is also fortunate to have the support of The Lethbridge Twinning Society.
HIBIKIYA has been entertaining audiences with authentic Japanese Taiko for many years. Music Director, Bryan Pereverseff, was instrumental in bringing the art of Taiko to Southern Alberta in 2002, through his relationship with 2 Japanese Taiko groups in Japan. Besides performing at many events and festivals, HIBIKIYA also offers workshops and instruction to the public.

HIBIKIYA will be performing at our Friday night matsuri!

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